Project Management

You name it, we’ve done it all. exceptional customer service, we are always available for your call 24/7. We work on your project full time.



We are experienced 3D model designers. We work with the CAD system to create beautiful 3D models of your home. With these designs we are prepared to create your dream home/ remodel. Here we submit our designs to the county for permits and evaluations and area able to give you a little taste of what your home/ remodel will look like.



We are fully stacked with subcontractors who have also been in the business for many years. You will not have to worry about calling around for any electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, roofers or painters. We also have discounts on certain materials such as fire places, ect. We also help find the right materials for your bathroom, kitchen, flooring, ect.





We are Techniques Construction. The construction company that has been through it all. We are certified for any project, big or small. Over 30 years of service! We know how to get your project done. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Your home is our home and that is how we treat our projects. The dream is to have a home that makes you say “wow” and that is our goal. As a family company we stay smaller than the larger corporate construction companies to keep our prices lower to fit your budget. We make dream homes come true.

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